I was laid out flat.....zonked and
done...but not fully.
Those drain tubes would rally cause
me some agony when removed later.
Me with a HALO...who knew? :o)
'77 Chevrolet Nova 4-door with a
V8...which explains how that driver
got out in front of me so fast. Note
broken windshield. My head did

I was wearing a Bell Star 120 full
face helmet, thank God! It did it's job

To this day, I want to get the best
equipment I can get.
According to Trooper Powell, my
fairing was 25 feet from my bike. He
estimated I had 1-1.5 seconds to
react. yeah...right.
Sadly broken...
My children were 2 of my heroes.
Here's Jennifer......
Another little hero...Tom 3.
Going home after the wreck for the
first time for a visit with my main
hero...Elsie! I can never repay
what she has had to suffer with.
At our Remington home with my dad
(another hero). He had driven us
home for this visit so Elsie could stay
by me. Lee accompanied us.
Another hero? My mother Clara. She had
just been diagnosed with breast cancer
and would NOT let them tell me. She was
operated on about 2 weeks into my wreck.
When they broke the news to me I was
fairly livid at the news being held back, but
I will never forget why she didn't want to
"worry" me.