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Since 1886, a poor little groundhog has been suffering the agony and humiliation of being paraded in phront of as   
many as 30,000 in one day in a desperate attempt by crowds to predict the weather. I say enough!

Poor Phil (
or is it Phyllis sometimes...?) seems to be oblivious to the prediction part of his (her?) situation and instead
phocusing entirely upon survival as it is cast into the bright lights of the public. Can there be anything but phright for
this poor animal? Where will it end?

I also note that Phil appears to be rather young. Grasping the animal by the nape of the neck and wildly thrusting it
bephore a maddening crowd, Phil is subjected to a brutal handling, even including the rendering of its pheet
temporarily inoperable. I would assume an older, wiser animal would turn itself in an animal chainsaw and show those
handlers a thing or two. Perhaps its name would then be Homelite!

I thereby resolve that Phil be phreed from his philandering nabobs and released into the wild where he can make his
own choice about the weather or any other phuture events for that matter...

I call on all good groundhog lovers everywhere to call for Phil Phreedom Phorever!

For more inphormation, check out our link at
www.parapower.org. Wouldn't that be phun?

Tom Reese Jr.
Phree Phil Phoundation
Warrenton, Virginia

For a serious look at what happens to Phil, check out the neat website of:
www.groundhog.org (no joking..!!!)

Oh yeah, any similarities between all the junk I just sent you and real life has no real basis on phact (
well...a lot of it
!). I'm just having some phun. Before the PETA people get their undies in a bunch, I hereby state that Phil  
seems to love his situation. He just doesn't sleep well on February 2nd, that's all!

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